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You can sign up to run a paid trial of Burros. To sign-up, email us and tell us about your company, crop/intended uses, and location.

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Over the course of the 2019 table grape season, we have tested a fleet of Burros. Through this testing we have robustified our autonomy, and have also shown productivity gains of 25% more fruit picked when using a Burro in a single row, and gains of 42% more fruit picked when using a Burro in multiple rows with more people. In other words, in A/B testing we have shown that when 10 person harvesting crews use a single Burro robot they will each pick 40 boxes/day compared to 28 boxes/day for crews in the same crop without robots.

Now, having done all of this testing, we are opening up ordering. Growers of table grapes can place orders today for delivery in spring of 2020. Growers who place orders of 5 or more Burros will receive delivery in early 2020.
These initial robots are priced at 9,000/unit plus a required 2 year service and software updates contract, which costs 2,000/year/robot. With this contract, you will receive onsite training upon delivery, Onsite servicing of Robots every 400 hours, or if components fail, no cost repairs of any faulty item, and all autonomy updates as we add additional capabilities to your robots. Each robot will also be equipped with a modem enabling fleet monitoring in areas where cell phone coverage is available.

Here is an overview of what you will get with commercial Burros

Click here to order Burros for delivery in Spring 2020.


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