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During 2019, A fleet of Burros were field tested over 3,000 hours and 1,000 miles of autonomous operation. This testing focused especially on table grape production, where Burro autonomy has reached a commerical level. At the same time, in table grape production, crews harvesting table grapes while using Burros are 43% more productive.

In more specific terms, in A/B testing we have shown that 8 or 10 person harvesting crews using a single Burro robot will pick and pack 43% more table grapes each day than crews without Burro working in same crop. This also means that a crew using a Burro can be 25 to 30% smaller while achieving the same level of productivity.

Now, having done all of this testing, we are opening up ordering. Growers can place orders today for delivery in spring of 2020. Growers can also see the newest machines, which they can order now, at the World Ag Expo in Tulare California on February 11-13th.

These initial robots are priced at $9,000/unit plus a required 2 year service and software updates contract, which costs $2,000/year/robot. They can also be leased, or leased with the option to buy, or purchased as a service - please reach out to us if you are curious about other purchase methods besides buying them outright.

Regardless of how you purchase Burros, you will receive onsite training upon delivery, onsite servicing of Robots every 400 hours, a loaner Burro and an onsite repair if components fail, no cost repairs of any faulty item, and all autonomy updates as we add additional capabilities to your robots. We are setting up a sales and support team to service the Coachella area, and the 99 corridor from South of Bakersfield to North of Fresno. Additionally, each robot is equipped with a modem enabling fleet monitoring in areas where cell phone coverage is available so that you can log online and see what your robots are doing at any given time.

Here is an overview of what you will get with commercial Burros

Click here to order Burros for delivery in Spring 2020.

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You can sign up to run a paid trial of Burros. To sign-up, email us and tell us about your company, crop/intended uses, and location.


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