Our Mission

Our mission is to solve the crushing labor problem faced by farmers today, by making small robots like Wall-E a reality. To do this, we are starting first with a simple robotic platform, Burro. Burro follows people just like a dog, and can autonomously run cargo around, relieving people of strenuous tasks which add little value, so that they can focus on more valuable work.

Our team includes robotic startup veterans with deep experience in computer vision and machine learning, as well as entrepreneurs with direct experience selling and marketing ag machinery with some of the world's largest firms. We get up every day excited to build the future, where robots do all tedious tasks outdoors.

Founding Team
Charlie Andersen
Charlie grew up on a 191 acre working fruit, vegetable, and livestock farm. He started operating heavy farm equipment when he was 5, and believes that all tedious outdoor tasks should be automated. He began working on Augean Robotics with this belief in mind, after spending 4 years working on special projects with Case New Holland, John Deere's largest competitor. He recieved a BA in Geology and Political Science from Amherst College, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.
Deniz Ilhan
Deniz has over a decade of experience in Robotics, specialized in embedded sensorimotor system design, power electronics, robotic platform development, system integration, and autonomous behaviors. He received his PhD from University of Pennsylvania's GRASP lab where his research focused on task encoding and behavior development for autonomous robots in outdoor settings. He grew up in a fruit & vegetable farming town in Turkey, and has spent years building commercial robots in several startups including COSY, where he was the lead roboticist.
Terry Scott
Chief Robotics Officer
Terry received his PhD from University of Oxford's Robotic Institute where he worked extensively on cameras and lidar for navigation and mapping, with a particular focus on automatic sensor calibration. He grew up in South Africa where he gained a love for machinery and robotics, and has extensive experience in startup environments building commercial robots.
Vibhor Sood
Robotic Software Engineer
Vibhor received has Masters in Electrical/Electronics Engineering from Lehigh University, where he focused on autonomous mapping capabilities in various environments utilizing 3D Lidar. He is an experienced robotic software developer, having worked both in a research setting at Lehigh's Vader Labs, and in a commercial setting with Samsung.
Anthony Markowitz
Mechatronics Engineer
Anthony received his bachelors in mechanical and aerospace engineering from Princeton, and has spent time with both NASA and Spacex.
Our Advisers
Camillo J. Taylor
CJ is a professor at University of Pennsylvania's GRASP lab, which he joined in 1997. His research interests focus on computer vision and robotics. His current research include work on self-localizing embedded smart camera systems and their applications to problems such as automated surveying systems, ad-hoc surveillance systems, three-dimensional reconstruction and mobile robot localization. He received his A.B. degree in Electrical Computer and Systems Engineering from Harvard College in 1988 and his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Yale University in 1990 and 1994 respectively.
Simo Kamppari
Simo has a passion for all things technical, and has spent time at McKinsey, and Oracle. He is currently a partner at the Synetro Group where he invests in companies and provides operational support to help them succeed. He received an MBA from Harvard and has two degrees in EE/Computer Science from MIT.
John Spletzer
John is an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Lehigh University where he heads up the VADER Laboratory. His research focus is field and service robotics in unstructured, outdoor environments. John received his PhD from the GRASP Laboratory at UPenn, and has 20 years of experience in the robotics field. He has also been involved in local robotics startups, including serving as CTO of Love Park Robotics which was acquired by industrial sensor company IFM earlier this year.

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